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Business Credit Cards Choose Wisely.

Business Credit Cards - Choose Wisely.

It used to be easy to choose a new business credit card. All you had to do was compare interest rates, the service charge, and the credit limit. Initially there were only a few companies that offered credit cards. It was really quite simple.

Now the sheer volume of competitors within the credit card industry has made it necessary for the financial institutions to be extremely creative when bringing forth new credit card offers. Each new issue is intended to give more value than previous offers and better than any competitor's card. Not only that, they need to back up those products to ensure customer loyalty.

The individual consumers aren't the only one benefiting from this more competitive market. Small businesses and corporations are as well. In fact, businesses may be getting even more value than the individual; however, the offers vary widely.

Businesses are given the same incentives as individual card holders. This includes 0% APR introductory interest rate, balance transfer options, bonus points, travel rewards, and some with no annual fee. In addition, whether a small new company or a large corporation, business credit cards come with unlimited additional cards for employees, offers of discounts for certain types of merchandise, and a quarterly and annual report.

A company benefits financially when applying for and using a business credit card. Use of a business credit card helps the cash flow, an especially important factor in smaller businesses. The detailed reports, both quarterly and yearly, assist the company in keeping track of and controlling their variable expenses. Often times the information can be easily transferred over to any of today's accounting software programs which also save the company time and money.

All benefits are not offered by every company and not for the entire inventory of their business credit card offers. Know the interest rate that will be in effect after the introductory period and pick a card with the benefits your company needs, being sure to keep future needs in mind.

It's best to choose a business credit card being offered by a major institution. You want to be sure that you'll have easy access to your records and funds. Most financial institutions allow online viewing of your account.

We are now able to compare a variety of products with warp speed. But, it's still wise to proceed with caution when picking a new business credit card. You want this to be a lasting association.

Learn To Save Money

Learn To Save Money

Living on credit is fashionable. Indulging oneself is fashionable. Saving money isn't.

This is a pity, as it has much to recommend it. You have more peace in your life. The end on the month is simply a date on the calendar, rather than a countdown to the next pay-cheque. Purchases born of necessity can be made comfortably. Employment becomes a career, rather than a means of survival. You can look your boss in the eye, rather than dreading his gaze.

Why? Because you've saved up some money.

Take the cringe-factor out of your life. Erase the dread of the small hours. Put some money in the bank! You may not be able to increase your earnings, but you can decrease your outgoings. This has the same effect as getting a pay-rise; more money for you.

How to save money?


Examine what you spend it on.

Then, erase fripperies.

Vices: drinking and smoking are habits that kill you slowly. Save up for your hospital care by giving them up. Your lungs, liver and family will bless you.

Gambling. Gambling is folly. There are only three games the player can use skill to alter the odds even slightly; horse racing, poker and blackjack. These take years of dedicated and expensive research to get good at. And you don't get rich. All the others will beggar you quickly if you play them. The odds are stacked against you, deliberately, by those who own the game.

Luck favours the bold, special need, or those under the protection of the saints. Betting is not brave, it's a compulsion, and no god watches out for gamblers. Examine the feelings that surround your impulse to gamble; you will find they eat away at the energy of your life.

Food. There is food that nourishes, and food that enervates. The former is cheaper: fresh fish, fruit, vegetables, clean water. The latter is more expensive, more garishly packaged, and more poisonous: potato crisps, sweets, fizzy drinks, burgers. Consider that you don't fancy junk food if you are sick; your body knows it takes too much energy to digest, and does not nourish.

Clothes. Do you need to buy fashionable clothes, so you can look like everyone else? If you need to blend in, fine. You can be sure the leaders of fashion don't. They head to charity shops and buy Harris tweed and old lace for pennies. They get suits made to measure by sweated labour in Thailand. That's how they get that 'unique' look. What's that, you don't like the idea of sweat-shops? Guess what, that's where a lot of fashionable clothes get made anyway. It's called 'outsourcing' and 'offshoreing'.

Automobiles. Running a car in the UK costs about Ј5000 ($9000 USD) a year, all-in. Save, by buying a second-hand auto. Save, by buying a less powerful, more fuel efficient model. Save further by thereby getting lower insurance and road-tax.

Personal foibles: I used to buy a lot of internet magazines. These cost up to Ј5 each, or about $10 in USD. I found a lot of information about the internet, was already on the internet, so I stopped buying the magazines. There are very few papers or magazines worth reading. Find the few that inform, rather than titillate, waffle or distract. Visit the local library, it's free. Drop in to a 'Borders' bookshop, and have a free read.

Debt. Don't buy what you can't afford with someone else's money. Credit cards are an expensive way of getting a loan. Try your friends or relatives first. Your local credit union is a good option; better rates, better terms, friendlier faces. Better yet, don't borrow. Live free. Keep away from the loan-sharks. You can manage without that holiday.

Put your saved money in a high interest, 180-day notice account. Put it in a bank different to your current one, in case the latter goes bust. Make a mental note that it's for emergencies only, then contrive to live 'safely'.

Save up enough to last you a year and a day off work, and notice how much calmer and confident you feel!